Though we have not released it to the TER, we do have TVFW version 2 available.
It does work with TYPO3 6.2. We have used it on our customer sites.

Here is the extension manual which has a link to the GIT repo with the code for version 2.
You should use the develop branch.

You can use version 1 skins with version 2, but will need to add one constant to the skin (detailed in manual).


Code Unique Functionality

This is the stage where you code any special FCEs to handle situations unique to the site. It is also when you can install and configure any additional TYPO3 extensions.

Not much has been said on this site about creating templates and FCEs in TemplaVoila. It is not because that is no longer necessary. You will still need to understand and use the mapping interface of TemplaVoila if you really want to handle any design that that might come up. I recommend that you work through the tutorial Futuristic Template Building. It will walk you though how to produce templates and FCEs in TemplaVoila from scratch.

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