Though we have not released it to the TER, we do have TVFW version 2 available.
It does work with TYPO3 6.2. We have used it on our customer sites.

Here is the extension manual which has a link to the GIT repo with the code for version 2.
You should use the develop branch.

You can use version 1 skins with version 2, but will need to add one constant to the skin (detailed in manual).


About Utility FCEs

Those familiar with TemplaVoila understand that its real power is in allowing the developer to program Flexible Content Elements (FCEs) to handle a variety of special formatting and processing needs.

This framework uses a system of Utility FCEs that handle a variety of common formatting situations that arise on sites but that are not taken care of by standard content elements.

These situations include breaking content areas into columns and modules as well as wrapping content in custom HTML for individual CSS styling.

Of course, you still have all the power of TemplaVoilia to create new FCEs to handle unique needs.


Current Utility FCEs in the Busy Noggin QuickSite

Utility FCEs Under Consideration for Future Inclusion

  • YouTube Player (auto-sizing to content area)
  • Vimeo Player (auto-sizing to content area)
  • Accordion Content (click on headline and content slides open)