Though we have not released it to the TER, we do have TVFW version 2 available.
It does work with TYPO3 6.2. We have used it on our customer sites.

Here is the extension manual which has a link to the GIT repo with the code for version 2.
You should use the develop branch.

You can use version 1 skins with version 2, but will need to add one constant to the skin (detailed in manual).


Install the QuickSite

These are simply general installation instructions and do not cover all installation scenerios. It is assumed that you are familiar with installing TYPO3 sites and that you can adjust these instructions to fit your situation.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the latest version of the Busy Noggin QuickSite.
  2. Set up a new database on you server. Use a default character set of UTF-8 and a default collation of utf8_general_ci.
  3. Setup a MySQL user to access this database.
  4. Upload the Busy Noggin QuickSite to your server and uncompress it.
  5. Assign the proper permissions to directories in the QuickSite.
  6. Setup your domain to route to the QuickSite directory.
  7. Access your domain which will tell you to place a file named "ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL" in the typo3conf directory. Next walk through the TYPO3 1-2-3 setup script. You will need the database name, user and password of the database you created earlier.
  8. On the first screen of the 1-2-3 script you will need to enter the Username, Password and Host for MySQL
  9. On the second screen, use the first option and select the empty database you set up in MySQL
  10. On the third screen select "database.sql" as the database dump and click "import database." After a moment you should be taken to the "Go" screen of the install tool.

At this point the QuickSite is installed but you will need to do a little more setup on the TYPO3 backend. It is always good practice on a new installation to retrieve the latest extensions list with the Extension Manager and then update any extensions that need updating.

Important: Before continuing make sure you change the install tool password on the Basic Configuration page of the install tool.

QuickSite Setup  >>


TYPO3 installation resources

Here are some additional resources on how to install TYPO3 sites.


These are the username and passwords you will need.

TYPO3 Backend

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

TYPO3 Install Tool

  • Password: joh316

After installation, change these passwords and when finished with the install tool, delete the file "ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL" for more security.

Date Format

Historically I have used U.S. date formats (mm-dd-yyyy) in the QuickSite, but now with its use by the general TYPO3 community its makes sense to change that to the TYPO3 default (dd-mm-yyyy). Therefore I have eliminated the following line from localconf.

$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['USdateFormat'] = '1';

You can change this back to U.S. date format in the Install Tool.