Though we have not released it to the TER, we do have TVFW version 2 available.
It does work with TYPO3 6.2. We have used it on our customer sites.

Here is the extension manual which has a link to the GIT repo with the code for version 2.
You should use the develop branch.

You can use version 1 skins with version 2, but will need to add one constant to the skin (detailed in manual).


Changes in QuickSite for Version 0.8 beta

Backend Language Support

Added locallang file to allow for multiple backend languages

Corrected missing quote mark in core HTML templates

Changed <div id="preCodeContent> to <div id="preCodeContent">

Updated jQuery

Updated jQuery library from 1.2.5 to 1.3.2

Code Change for FE Localization

Added "select.languageField = sys_language_uid" to the generated content fields in the page datastructures to prevent double rendering of content in those fields in multi-language sites.

Corrected Spelling on TypoScript Object

Corrected spelling on the "additionalDocHeadCode" TypoScript library. Changed from "additonalDocHeadCode" to "additionalDocHeadCode" in both the skin and core files. Watch for this if you move a skin from an older version of the QuickSite to a newer.

Eliminated Redundant Space Before and After

Eliminated the "space before" and "space after" fields of many of the FCEs as this can already be done with TYPO3 with the "Before" and "After" fields in the "Type" section of the "General" tab.

Added htmlSpecialChars to some objects

Adjusted TypoScript to process HTML special characters for page title, menus and auto headline.